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Donald E Frederick, PhD

Donald is a researcher and writer for The Universal Enlightenment Forum.

Donald is also Research Affiliate at Harvard University in the Program on Integrative Knowledge and Human Flourishing where he previously was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2016-2018).
Prior to his time at Harvard, Donald lived in San Francisco and founded and worked in the startup world, which he continues to do.
Donald received his PhD in Psychology from The University of Chicago (2014) where he focused on neuroscience and studied under the direction of Prof. Kay. His dissertation work has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience and featured in the Journal of Neurophysiology. He also holds a MS in computer science and a MA in divinity from The University of Chicago. Donald did his undergraduates studies in intellectual history receiving degrees in history and comparative religion at Miami University.


Allen Simon

Having recently graduated with an MTS degree in Religion and Literature from Harvard Divinity School, Allen is still living in the Boston area as he continues to work on UEF projects. Most notably, he will be spending the next 6-8 months working on a book which will explore similar themes and areas of commonality among the world's major religious traditions. Beyond this work with the UEF, Allen has a variety of personal creative and artistic interests and hobbies. Currently, he is writing haiku poems and making paintings with candle wax. He has shown art at multiple shows over the course of his 2 years of living in the Boston area.