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Love, Learn, Play, All

An Introduction to Interconnectedness

When you are conscious, you can see the interconnectedness of all life, beauty in diversity, and the power of human cooperation. “Are you a god?”..

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Love, Learn, Play, All

Three Things To Do For Everlasting Happiness

Happiness. Fulfillment. Plenitude. We humans are always longing for the state of consciousness we label with our favorite placeholder phrase to denote ‘life satisfaction’. At..

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Weekly Wisdoms For Compassion

Knowledge acquired by human beings has been increasing at an exponential rate for over a century. However, we have yet to make commensurate progress in human flourishing. This is because knowledge has been getting increasingly fragmented and sits mostly in silos. The UEF believes that if we can integrate knowledge across the silos of time, civilizations, geographies and academic disciplines.