Living consciously-How do we get back to flourishing

Hansei, Relationship

Purpose of life, from the LLP lens

What is the meaning of our existence? What is our purpose in life? We all find ourselves confronted with these questions throughout our lives. We..

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Love, Learn, Play

Living Consciously aka Living with LLP Mindset

Living a more conscious life is the first step towards truly flourishing, a step that helps not only you to experience the joy of LLP,..

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Love, Learn, Common Themes, Hansei, Sprituality

Seeing Order in the Universe

This is the second in a series of articles on commonalities across religions. In the introductory article for this series, we refer to these commonalities..

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Knowledge acquired by human beings has been increasing at an exponential rate for over a century. However, we have yet to make commensurate progress in human flourishing. This is because knowledge has been getting increasingly fragmented and sits mostly in silos. The UEF believes that if we can integrate knowledge across the silos of time, civilizations, geographies and academic disciplines.