About Us

Bringing authenticity to everyday life

Universal Enlightenment and Flourishing, UEF, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to human flourishing and religious literacy. Our approach is based on universal concepts, marrying ancient wisdoms with findings of modern physical and social sciences.

Every human is meant to live in a state of physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. To be human is to not only seek pathways that lead to flourishing, but to actually flourish. Our goal is to empower every individual to flourish to his or her highest potential.

Our key insight is: to flourish is to Love, Learn, and Play (LLP). These three are our most significant sources of joy, and most evolved and deep-seated of our existential longings. We can truly flourish if we approach everything we do with an LLP mindset. This framework is as simple as it is profound.

UEF creates and curates content related to LLP to explore and demonstrate how the LLP framework is applicable at all stages of life, across all professions and vocations, across cultures, ethical traditions, and other belief systems. It is like a universally compatible software for human flourishing

The internet enables us the historic opportunity to communicate our insights on human flourishing to a global audience. We at UEF believe our insights into flourishing will appeal to an increasing number of people disenchanted with traditional and modern religions (capitalism, consumerism, postmodernism); searching for new paradigms to finding meaning in life.

In 2023, UEF will publish a book reviewing over 50 Common Themes across religions. During his time as a fellow at Harvard’s Divinity School, our founder Akhil Gupta realized religious illiteracy fosters an exclusive mindset, creating an impediment to enlightenment. Five years of research lead Akhil to finding amazing parallels to seemingly divergent religions, offering evidence to overcome the exclusive mindset. You can read more about Akhil’s findings on this website.

Our Vision

To integrate the wisdom of the timeless philosophical and ethical traditions, new frontiers in scientific research, and to present insights gained and validated through lived experiences from across the globe.

Our Mission

The UEF’s work focuses on the research and dissemination of ideas around human flourishing and religious literacy. We will make this happen by bridging silos of knowledge and wisdom across time, geography.

Our Team

Akhil Gupta

Founder & Director

Akhil was inspired to conceive of the UEF mission during his two years at Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative(ALI) during 2015 and 2016. The University’s rich intellectual resources catalyzed seminal insights which spurred him to gather and share wisdom more broadly with a wider audience. Akhil has returned to Harvard’s ALI program as an Impact Leader in Residence. He is accelerating UEF’s global impact and writing a second book focused on human Flourishing. His first publication, Bridges across Humanity – Many religions, Same Learnings, is due out this summer. Prior to Harvard until 2015, he served as Chairman of Blackstone India. He joined The Blackstone Group as Senior Managing Director in 2005 and commenced its India operations in 2005.

Anu Thareja

Board Member

Anu has a Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology from the University of Arizona, and a Master of Philosophy degree in linguistics from Delhi University. She worked in hospitals for over 10 years to rehabilitate geriatric patients with neurological impairments, and later switched careers and worked for 17 years as a software engineer.

As a board member of the UEF, Anu assists in all aspects of the organizational activities including content development and editing of all UEF publications, monitoring website user experience, overseeing LLP club activities in Africa and Puerto Rico, and exploring new opportunities to expand the global impact of the foundation’s mission to promote human flourishing.

Rajiv Thareja

Board Member

Rajiv has an MBA from the Wharton School with a concentration in finance, MS and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech, and a B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Rajiv has held senior executive and management positions at several tech companies in the US, and has over 35 years of diverse experience ranging from finance, enterprise software development, virtualization, product management, building and managing an ERP consulting services business, technical sales, and alliances.

Rajiv serves as a board member of UEF assisting in various operational activities.

Amit Bose

Business Leader

Amit is a business leader with over 44 years experience in global FMCG companies UniLever, Pepsico and Mattel, and Telecom ventures of the Reliance and Tata Groups. He is now the Founder and CEO of Emotionally, India’s leading Mental and Emotional Healthcare firm. Amit is a founder member of IIMPACT a national NGO providing primary education to underprivileged rural girls across India. Through his association with UEF, Amit is committed to helping young people find a meaningful, and flourishing life full of Love, Learning and Play .

Divya Rathore

Marketing Professional

Divya spent over a decade working in luxury goods, creating licensing deals and partnerships with celebrities and corporations. In recent years Divya has focused on aligning her personal values with her professional pursuits, supporting non profits and leading community advocacy programs. She founded a nonprofit hosting inclusive events with providers unified in making personal growth accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, or financial circumstances.
Divya supports UEF in Action in the US, and is passionate about inspiring and empowering people of all ages and denominations to Flourish.

Ruchira Bose

Marketing Professional

Ruchira is a hybrid media and marketing professional with over 22 years experience in both luxury and mass segment. She helps organisations use content and engagement models to build awareness and encourage action. Having lived and worked in different cities (Paris, Delhi, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore) has contributed to her multi-cultural perspective and belief in diversity, inclusion, and learning being the path to flourishing.

Our Contributors

Donald E Frederick

Editorial Contributor

Donald advised UEF on topics such as flourishing, religion, and technology. Donald is generally interested in concepts of flourishing, technology, and how to harness the latter to promote the former.In addition to advising UEF, Donald is an Associate of Harvard’s Human Flourishing Program and does tech consulting and builds start-ups. Donald received his PhD in psychology from the University of Chicago where he also received masters in computer science as well as divinity. His undergraduate degrees are in history and comparative religion.

Allen Simon

Editorial Contributor

Having graduated with an MTS degree in Religion and Literature from Harvard Divinity School in Spring of 2018, Allen lives in the Boston area and worked with Mr. Gupta on a book which explores common threads across the world’s major religious traditions. Allen also holds a B.A. in Religion from Rice University (2016).

Adam Rudolph


For the past four decades, composer and percussionist Adam Rudolph has performed worldwide and released over 30 recordings. Rudolph composes for his ensembles Moving Pictures, Hu Vibrational, and Go: Organic Orchestra, a 30-piece group for which he has developed an original music notation and conducting system.
Rudolph is known as one the early innovators of “World Music”. In 1978 he co-founded, with Foday Musa Suso, the Mandingo Griot Society, one of the first groups to combine African and American music and in 1988 he recorded the first fusion of American and Moroccan Gnawa music with sintir player Hassan Hakmoun.
Rudolph has received numerous grants and awards for his work. His rhythm methodology book, Pure Rhythm was published in 2006 and has been used by composers, performers, students and music institutions around the world. His newest book, Sonic Elements expands to include Rudolph’s concepts of intervals, spontaneous composition and philosophy.

Supported Organizations

We collaborate with and are the proud supporters of other like-minded organizations who address our two key areas of research: human flourishing and religious literacy. We contribute to, learn from, and are proponents of the below initiatives:

Harvard University's Human Flourishing Project

Tyler J. VanderWeele, PhD

Interdisciplinary program that “aims to study and promote human flourishing, and to develop systematic approaches to the synthesis of knowledge across disciplines.”


The Center for the Study of World Religions

Charles Stang, PhD

A research institute affiliated with Harvard Divinity School, which promote the study of religion through lecture series and other events.


Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project

Diane L. Moore, PhD

Professor Moore launched a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) through HarvardX on January 8, 2018 entitled Religion, Conflict, and Peace in Contemporary Global Affairs.


Stanford University’s Stanford Civics Initiative (SCI)

Josiah Ober, PhD

A newly inaugurated program of interdisciplinary courses and faculty, run through the Political Science department at Stanford University.

Columbia University’s Center for Clinical Medical Ethics

Lydia Dugdale, MD

An organization concerned with fostering flourishing relationships between patients and medical professionals.


The Paul Hodges Trust

Jenny Carlen

Grant-giving charity breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa through women’s advocacy, education, and empowerment.


San Juan Public Library

Ms Connie Estades

Founded in 1987, the San Juan Community Library is one of the few lending libraries in Puerto Rico and has more than 30,000 books in Spanish and English in its collection.

Knowledge acquired by human beings has been increasing at an exponential rate for over a century. However, we have yet to make commensurate progress in human flourishing. This is because knowledge has been getting increasingly fragmented and sits mostly in silos. The UEF believes that if we can integrate knowledge across the silos of time, civilizations, geographies and academic disciplines.